Saturday, 23 February 2013

Gryphons Take to the Sky

New Release
Battle Gryphon HUD & PETITE Battle Gryphon HUD

The battle Gryphon is a following and rideable/flyable fighting companion
taunt you opponents with a fierce battle cry, attack from the sky or ground
magical blue fire attacks ranging from fire breath to explosive fire bombs
Available in 6 colours - Imperial, Coffee, Charcoal, Auburn, Golden, Midnight.

Petite Version available for the Yabusaka Petite mesh av

We hope you enjoy
Rynn Verwood & Encaitaron Korobase

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Love Is In The Air

Hello all!
With Valentines day coming up we've created a special gift for you to spread some love with and create some matches made in heaven... or some matches are so awkward its funny.... Cupid's Bow is now available at solarium mainstore.
Its available in both regular and Petite size

have fun
Rynn & Encaitaron